Tim Branstiter

Tim began his career as a professional trainer in the early 1990’s. In these past two decades, he has trained thousands of people in the use of various types of weapons. He has trained locally and state-wide. He has actual success stories from dozens of his former students that have been involved in life-threatening situations.

Tim will teach you that there is more to a dangerous situation than merely shooting a gun. The best defense is usually avoiding a volatile situation. If you find yourself in a situation that places you or your loved ones safety at risk, you will be well prepared to handle that issue quickly and effectively.

Tim has worked his entire training career and prides himself in his knowledge of teaching handgun shooting to people of all skill levels. Whether you are a new shooter or an experienced shooter, you are guaranteed to get the personal attention you need to make your training a positive experience. He will always take the extra time to correct any shooting problems you may have so you will complete your training session confident in your abilities.

Tim has the knowledge and experience of more than two decades of receiving and delivering firearms training to make you both comfortable and confident with your handgun abilities.

If you would like further information on his credentials, please do not hesitate to contact him. Tim Branstiter – timb@combatape.com